Meet Jasmine

Jasmine Richardson

CEO & Founder

I'm Jasmine Richardson, founder, and CEO of Professional YOU Career Prep 101. I'm from West Palm Beach, FL, and a graduate of Florida State University. My current location is in Columbus, Ohio, where I am now a professional in the field of Higher Education and Student Affairs. I personally want to thank you for stopping by, and being a part of my journey towards entrepreneurship with career coaching. 

My interest in becoming a self-entrepreneur in career coaching services began my junior year of high school. This was the time where preparing for a job and college became my top priority. It was frustrating not being able to access resources and tools to be prepared for my next venture in life. I took it upon my self to do more research on job fields that were of interest, take career assessments to figure out which job match my personally, and also just being curious by asking questions to career advisors. From this experience, I took away a unforgettable lesson - career coaching is important for your professional identity!

The lesson stayed with me all throughout college, I was able to serve in different roles on campus that specifically tailored towards career services, advising and leadership development. In each role, I noticed myself enjoyably voluntarily helping out peers with career advice almost everyday. Beyond those experiences, I developed a passion and a deeper meaning to assist and connect individuals to enhance their professional identity related to their profession.